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Ali Baba Gyros 
  112 N 14th St 
  ~Gyro Sandwiches~
Gyro Sandwich		5.79
	Spiced meat served on pita bread with onion,
	tomato, and cucumber sauce.
Hot-N-Spicy Gyro		5.99
	A wonderful kick to a classic taste.
Gyro Plate (Regular or Hot-N-Spicy)	7.49
	Gyro sandwich with extra meat and steak fries.
“Z” Sandwich		5.99
	Gyro sandwich with a feta cheese topping.
“Z” Plate		7.49
	“Z” sandwich with extra meat and steak fries.
Hot-N-Spicy “Z” Sandwich		6.49
Hot-N-Spicy “Z” Plate 		7.99
	“Z” sandwich with extra meat and steak fries.
Philly Steak Pita		7.99
	Gyro served on pita bread with tomato, lettuce,
	sauteed onions, and cheese. w/ fries
Hot-N-Spicy Philly Steak Pita		7.99
Hoagie Kebab		6.99
	Hoagie bread, seasoned meat, lettuce, tomato,
	onion & cucumber sauce.
Shish Kebab		7.99
	Marinated beef, served w/ pita, salad and rice.
Gyro Special		7.49
	Gyro meat served w/rice and a salad.
Greek Salad (Regular or Hot-N-Spicy)	7.99
	Lettuce tomato, onion, feta cheese, gyro meat, 
	& cucumber sauce with steak fries.
Light Lunch (Rice Kebab)		6.69
	Rice topped with gyro meat, tomato, onion 
	& cucumber sauce.
Greek Chicken (Tuesday & Friday Only)	6.99
	Chicken Marinated in Greek spices, Served 
	with pita bread, steak fries, & a small salad 
Greek Chicken Gyro Sandwich	6.50
	Sauteed Greek chicken served on pita bread 
	with cucumber sauce, tomato & onion.
Hot-N-Spicy Chicken Sandwich	7.49
Chicken Plate (Regular or Hot-N-Spicy)	7.99
	Chicken sandwich with steak fries.
Chicken “Z” Sandwich (or Hot-N-Spicy)	7.69
	Chicken sandwich with a feta cheese topping.
Chicken “Z” Plate (Reg. or Hot-N-Spicy)	8.49
	Chicken “Z” sandwich with steak fries.
Grilled Chicken		8.49
	Chicken marinated in Greek spices, grilled 
	& served  with steak fries & salad.
Chicken Kebob		8.49
	Marinated chicken served with pita, (or rice) 
	fries, & salad.
Tandoori Chicken Kebob		9.49
	Skewer of spiced chicken with pita bread 
	(or rice) steak fries, and salad.
Tandoori Grilled Chicken		9.49
Tandoori Chicken Sandwich		7.49
	Spiced chicken on pita bread with onion, 
	tomato & sauce
Tandoori Chicken Plate		7.79
	Tandoori chicken sandwich with steak fries.
Greek Chicken Salad		7.99
Tandoori Chicken Salad		7.99
Hot-N-Spicy Chicken Salad		7.99
Grilled Chicken Salad		8.49
Tandoori Grilled Chicken Salad	8.49
Chicken Strips with fries		5.99
Add fries for only $1.99
Homemade Hamburger (8oz)		6.99
Homemade Cheeseburger (8oz)	6.99
Gyro Cheeseburger (8oz)		7.50
Swiss Mushroom Burger (8oz) 		6.99

Fish Strips with fries		7.49

Grilled Vegetarian		6.99
	Two skewers of marinated mushroom, green 
	peppers, onions & tomatoes served w/steak fries
Falafel Sandwich 		5.99
	Veggie patty served on PIta bread  with tomatoes, 
	onion, topped with sauce.
Spanakopita		6.99
	Spinach, feta cheese, cottage cheese baked in
	flaky dough served with steak fries & salad.
Vegetarian Sandwich		5.99
	Lettuce, tomato, onion, feta cheese, cucumber
	sauce, and steak fries. Served on pita bread.
Hummus		5.99
	Ground chick peas served with pita, fries 
	& salad.
Baba Gonoush		6.50
	Baked eggplant served with pita bread, fries, 
	& salad

Baklava 		1.99
	A pastry made of thin layers of flaky filo dough 
	filled with nuts and honey.
~Extras / Side Orders~
Shrimp Basket		5.99
Corn Dog		2.50
Pita Bread		   .99
Mozzarella Sticks		4.99
Onion Rings		4.99
Steak Fries		2.99
French Fries Medium		1.99
French Fries Large		2.69
Extra Meat		5.50
Extra Sour Cream		  .69
Extra Cheese		  .60
Extra Olives		  .80
Extra Bread		  .99

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew,
Cherry Pepsi, Ice Tea
Small (16oz)		1.60
Medium (20oz)		1.70
Large (24oz)		1.99