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Daffodil Mediterranean Cuisine Menu
Open Tue-Sat 11am-7:30pm | Sun: 11am-3pm
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Daffodil Mediterranean Cuisine & Catering
Cuisine Mediterranean
& Catering
5740 Old Cheney
Lincoln, NE 68516
Tue-Sat 11am-7:30pm
Sun 11am-3pm
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Daily Specials & New Menu Items
Weekend Menu
Grilled Chicken Kabob 6.00
with Rice 9.99
Grilled Ground Beef Kabob 6.00
with Rice 9.99
Saffran Rice 5.00
Eggplant Parmesan 5.00
Falafel 2.50
Falafel Sandwich 6.50
Sambusa 2.50
Kotlet 2.50
Kotlet Wrap 5.00
Spinach Pie 2.50
Gyro 6.88
Morning Menu
Persian Saffron Tea 1.75
Coffee 1.75
Soda 2.00
Scones 2.50
Apple Turnover
w/Cheese Sauce 2.50
Croissant w/Cheese Sauce 2.50
(Cinammon Roll/Muffin) 1.75
Baklava (box) 6.00
Biscotti 3.00
Lunch & Dinner
Menu Soup 4.00
Olive Chicken Salad Sandwich 4.99
Walnut Chicken & Rice 9.00
Meatball Marsala & Rice 9.00
Daily Special 2.50
with Rice 5.00
Salad 4.99
Soup & Half Sandwich
or Salad 6.99

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